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“We wanted to provide a surreal opportunity for people to explore the Laurence & Chico world, not only through fashion, but through a space that combines elements of design, furniture and home décor with a culinary experience,” says Chico Wang, Creative Director of Laurence & Chico. “With this concept café we are able to offer our brand experience at lower price points, through culinary options and takeaway items that evoke our whimsical narrative.”


Divided into two worlds, the Laurence and Chico Café boasts a To-Go section along with a stunning Afternoon Tea Salon Room. The To-Go section allows visitors to easily experience the Laurence & Chico Café through grab-and-go service. The café’s in-house kitchen pastry team will develop new cakes seasonally and create new treats for visitors to taste year-round. The Afternoon Tea Salon Room will feature Laurence and Chico’s signature Afternoon High Tea Set menu.


The Afternoon High Tea Set menu is Li and Wang's opportunity to bridge fashion and food together, with a seasonal menu designed by celebrated local chef collaborators in accordance with Wang's vision. Each one-of-a-kind dish serves as a platform to showcase the designers' vivid vision of lifestyle into the world of food and beverage. Chef Tobias Grignon of Rabbit’s Foot Supper Club will be the first creative collaborative partner for the Afternoon High Tea Set menu. An established veteran of Vancouver’s culinary scene, Chef Tobias previously worked as past Executive Chef of Bistro Pastis before taking the helm as Director of Culinary for Edible Canada.


The Laurence and Chico Café was designed by Li and Wang, complete with wallpapers, tiles and furnishings replicating their signature prints. Taking inspiration from the fashion runway calendar, accents around the café will change seasonally through slip covers for stools, interchangeable furniture legs and chandelier shades. The café features accessories from the brand, such as postcards, books, scarves, and phone cases available for purchase.